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Lakeland FL Testing News and More

Possible Wetland Dredge & Issues Affecting Florida’s Water Resources

Even with all of its natural and manmade appeal, Florida would not attract millions of visitors every year if its water resources were not maintained in pristine condition. Since 1965, Phoslab Environmental Laboratories has offered services that play a vital role in maintaining, protecting, and improving the state’s water supplies. Compliance with EPA and Department […]

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The Benefits of Environmental Lab Testing

Environmental testing and analysis provides critical information that should be considered before and during a major project rather than later, as an after-thought. The professionals at Phoslab Environmental Services can help you determine a strategy for environmental testing that best benefits your undertaking. Why incorporate environmental testing? It does not matter whether you are planning […]

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Del Norte, CO Water Contaminated with E. Coli

Del Norte Water Tainted with E. Coli; Residents Advised to Boil Water in the southern Colorado town of Del Norte is contaminated with E. coli bacteria, and authorities have advised residents to boil water before drinking it. Tests on Thursday and Friday confirmed E. coli in the town’s water system, according to a letter from […]

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