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Phoslab Environmental Laboratories performs quick, accurate and reliable testing for Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) Agency Term Contractors (ATC).

Phoslab also performs tests for:
8260 VOC Testing | 8270 SVOC Testing | BTEX Testing | PAH Testing | PCB Testing | Pesticides Testing | TRPH- FLPRO | TCLP | SPLP | KAG's | RCRA Metals

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Phoslab brings you environmental analysis services using the latest techniques and methods, ensuring complete accuracy at all times. You can depend on us to keep up with the latest developments and new contaminants while adhering to the most rigorous measurement demands as well as the most recent and required regulatory requirements.

The Phoslab Environmental Laboratories staff is well informed regarding the latest technological techniques and processes that help ensure precise analytical results. We offer both quick, accurate and dependable testing services for TCLP metals and volatiles, at no extra charge. Besides analytical services for the Department for Environmental Protection, we also offer testing services for several engineering firms, manufacturing facilities, and agricultural companies. Some of the more common tests at Phoslab include BTEX-MTBE Analysis, FL Pro Testing, PAH Analysis, and PCB Analysis.

As a leading environmental laboratory with NELAC certification we also provide the following tests and services:

Metals Scan | Microbiological Analysis | RCRA | KAG | NPDES | PCB | Industrial Waste | Used Oil | Pharmaceuticals | Unknowns | Field Sampling | Petroleum | Drinking Water | Groundwater | Soil | Sediments | Industrial Waste | Hazardous Waste | Sludges

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Our Services

Phoslab Environmental Laboratories provides analytical services to Environmental firms for the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) petroleum pre-approval clean-up programs, UST, municipalities, the phosphate industry, agricultural companies, environmental engineering firms, emergency response/toxic clean up companies, and several independent niches as well.
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Quality Service Since 1965

PhosLab Environmental Laboratories formerly PhosLab Inc., was established in 1965 to service the local phosphate industry. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories is a minority owned laboratory based in central Florida. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories is regarded as a full-service, analytical laboratory and environmental services facility.
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