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The environment dictates the health and viability of plants. Environment in this context isn’t limited to soil conditions, though that plays a major factor as well.

At Phoslab Testing Laboratories, we utilize the latest state-of-the-art testing methods for determining how your environment may contribute to or hamper the development of your crops.

Agriculture Testing in Central Florida

Our agriculture testing laboratory is equipped with the latest technological equipment for producing accurate results you can count on. We have helped countless farm, orchard, and vineyard owners perform numerous tests, ranging from soil fertility testing to pesticide analysis testing.

Our goal is to promote innovative yet practical solutions to existing problems related to environmental quality. Our lab provides comprehensive testing analysis of water, soil, compost, manure, and more.

Accurate and Speedy Agri Testing Results

Our tests are performed under a strict industry standards of protocol to ensure every quality control measure is in place. This provides results as close to 100% accurate as possible. Regardless of the type of analysis, Phoslab always yields its findings in a timely manner.

We work directly with clients to develop a customized and scalable testing plan based on your specific needs. Our business model has been in place for nearly half a century. Our dedicated biologists, chemists, and geologists continue to be reliable partners for countless men and women in the Florida agricultural sector.

Why Agriculture Testing and Analysis is Necessary

Greenhouse Healthy crops are the lifeblood of any agricultural landscape. Each of our testing serves a purpose that contributes to the collective whole. Soil testing, for example, is essential for identifying nutrient composition and chemical factors that may limit plant growth. It also identifies contaminated soils or soils vulnerable to over fertilization.

Our other tests are just as vital.

Water Testing

This analysis is crucial for identifying the health of fish, aquatic plants, and even the people and livestock that consume them. Our sampling also determines whether the water shows traces of contamination.

Feed and Forage Testing

We also test samples of forage and feed consumed by livestock. This process identifies the viability and marketability of forage. Feeding testing is necessary for identifying methods that improve feeding efficiency. Our test looks for traces of nitrate, which in excess amounts can poison livestock.

Animal Waste Testing

Phoslab Testing examines manure to determine the health of livestock. This helps clients identify what’s in their livestock feed or whether special dietary considerations are in order. For those with a waste treatment facility in their premise, our testing examines how well the plant is functioning.

Contact Phoslab Testing

Our mission statement is simple: we provide our Central Florida clients with information that’s backed by science and raw data. This information enables them to make sound decisions to optimize and monetize their land use.

Contact Phoslab Testing to determine how conducive your land is for raising crops and livestock. The information we yield provides the framework for a healthier environment for crop growth and animal husbandry.

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