Category: Water Contamination

How to Keep My Drinking Water Safe

Next to oxygen, water is perhaps the most crucial component for human survival. This is why clean drinking water is so important. Microbes lingering in water can lead to illness and disease, which can be fatal in extreme instances. Find out what you can do to ensure potable water remains safe for ingestion. The methods […]

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PFAS Testing is Critical Step to Prevent Contaminated Drinking Water

When most people think of tap water, they probably do not associate it with health risks. However, there are PFAS chemicals contaminating the drinking water in well over half of American states and PFAS chemical testing plays a crucial role in reducing the threat. What are PFAS chemicals? PFAS is the common name for perfluorinated […]

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Del Norte, CO Water Contaminated with E. Coli

Del Norte Water Tainted with E. Coli; Residents Advised to Boil Water in the southern Colorado town of Del Norte is contaminated with E. coli bacteria, and authorities have advised residents to boil water before drinking it. Tests on Thursday and Friday confirmed E. coli in the town’s water system, according to a letter from […]

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