Author: George Fernandez

Lakeland FL Testing News and More

Why Test Your Garden Soil?

Veteran gardeners will tell you that soil testing is an important part of raising greener, healthier plants.  Whether you are expanding your lawn, planting a new bed of ornamentals, or trying to figure out why your citrus leaves are off-color, a soil test is worth the effort. Why? Soil testing takes the guesswork out of […]

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How to Keep My Drinking Water Safe

Next to oxygen, water is perhaps the most crucial component for human survival. This is why clean drinking water is so important. Microbes lingering in water can lead to illness and disease, which can be fatal in extreme instances. Find out what you can do to ensure potable water remains safe for ingestion. The methods […]

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The Petroleum Restoration Program & The Environmental Implications

Petroleum discharge is a serious environmental concern. Petroleum is also a world necessity as it has wide-reaching applications, from producing motor fuel to asphalt production. Globally, the world consumes about 95 million barrels of petroleum per day. With such heavy reliance also comes responsibility that petroleum discharge does not pollute the environment. This is why […]

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ECUA Compost Suspected to Contain Salmonella

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) is a Florida-based sanitation and wastewater management company. The organization made local news after it reported that compost it distributed contained traces of the salmonella bacteria. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection was notified, prompting a statewide alert to entities that have received the compost. ECUA Issues Update on Salmonella […]

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Wastewater Pollution Still a Problem in Florida Industrial Sites, According to Report

According to a report from activist group Environment Florida, several wastewater facilities near the St. Johns River region fell far short of meeting required environmental standards. Wastewater Report Findings The report included an analysis of the mill company Georgia-Pacific Corp. The findings reveal traces of suspended solids and fecal bacteria in the river. Traces exceeded […]

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Possible Wetland Dredge & Issues Affecting Florida’s Water Resources

Even with all of its natural and manmade appeal, Florida would not attract millions of visitors every year if its water resources were not maintained in pristine condition. Since 1965, Phoslab Environmental Laboratories has offered services that play a vital role in maintaining, protecting, and improving the state’s water supplies. Compliance with EPA and Department […]

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