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Phoslab Environmental Laboratories is certified and accredited by the State of Florida Department of Health, recognized for accreditation by NELAP and approved by the State Surgeon General. Here you will find laboratory certifications and accreditation documents.


laboratroy certificationsPhoslab Environmental Laboratories is accredited by the State of Florida for =Non Potable Water, Solid and Chemical Materials and hold other certifications under the State. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories complies and exceeds all standards governed by local, state, and federal guidelines. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories is minority owned and has been in business since the 1960’s. Below you will find downloadable PDF files of Phoslab Environmental Laboratories NELAC certificate, MBE certificate, and State of FL certificate. You will also find Phoslabs Scope of Accreditation below, which shows the test methods Phoslab is certified to run. Please note: Phoslab is always in the process of adding new methodology and new test methods. If there is something your company requires that is not listed in our scope, please contact us.


State Laboratory ID: E84925 and EPA Lab Code: FL00121


For any laboratory, PES or otherwise, clients and customers are urged to verify the current Laboratory Certifications & Accreditation status with the Environmental Laboratory Certification Program.  Please feel free to download and read our Scope of Accreditation using the links below:





Please contact us for other information that may be required for your particular needs.