Mineral Testing Laboratory

Serving mining, drilling, and other industries

coal minePhoslab Environmental Laboratories provides advanced mineral testing lab services for mining, drilling and other industries. Mining and geological outfits can benefit immensely from data regarding mineral composition of surveyed sites.

Why Mining and Exploration Environment Testing Matters

Mineral testing helps identify the composition of the earth in a specific region. The information provides data analysis for geological mapping, hydrocarbon exploration, and mineralogy. Mineral testing is also frequently conducted in residential areas to determine the mineral content in the municipal water supply. High mineral levels produce hard water, degrading the quality level of running water.

Analyzing minerals also provides insight on the metamorphic history of a geological site. Rocks are made up of minerals, which are made up of elements.

Tests can yield data that breaks down the presence of trace minerals. This may include, for example, whether the minerals in a mining site are a pure element or made up of a mixture of multiple compounds. It also determines a mineral’s crystalline structure and whether it contains traces of man-made substances.

What We Do at Our Minerals Environment Laboratory

Our mineral testing services encompass a wide range of analytics. Trace level analytics are useful for front-end mining and geological exploration. Analysis can be expanded to include a full range of metallurgical testing, check assays for mining operations, minerals exploration, and drill core analysis.

Mining and Ores Environment Testing

Various mining operations take place on a daily basis throughout Florida. The Bone Valley region in the central part of the state is a hotbed in mining for phosphate and agricultural fertilizer. Florida contains the largest known deposits of the former in the U.S. Our mining and exploration environment lab provides a number of testing services, including:

  • Base metal iron ore testing
  • Bullion and dore analysis testing
  • Pb and NiS collection screen testing
  • Precious metal analysis testing
  • Cyanide leach testing

We also test various ores and commodities for purity and elemental composition. We analyze:

  • Refractory minerals
  • Industrial minerals
  • Uranium
  • Rare earth elements
  • Aluminum ore
  • Chromite ore
  • Manganese ore
  • Nickel laterite ore

Our Exploration Environment Laboratory

The geochemistry exploration environment is another sector we serve. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories provides testing for drilling operations throughout Florida. This is typically a part of a bigger effort in determining oil and gas exploration impacts on the environment. We routinely collaborate with drilling contractors and state conservation groups.

Drilling exploration tests include:

  • Analysis of biogeochemical samples, biota, and plant tissue
  • Partial digest, selective leach geochemistry
  • Multi-elements by multi-acid digestion
  • Gold and multi-elements by aqua regia digestion

Enquire About Our Mineral Testing Lab

Phoslab provides environmental analysis services for many industries, including agriculture, chemical, petroleum, and more.

Our mining and exploration environment lab is state-of-the-art and yields results that are reliably accurate. Contact Phoslab Environmental Laboratories today before scheduling your next mining, drilling, or utilities environmental operation.

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