Waste Management

Save costs and reduce risks

Waste water drain pipeWaste can have a negative impact on environmental sustainability if it’s not handled and disposed of properly. According to the EPA, each American generates an average of 4.40 pounds of waste per day. With there currently being 20.61 million Florida residents, that comes out to roughly 90 million pounds of waste per day in the Sunshine state alone. Waste management industries have rigorous protocols to follow to ensure proper disposal and biodegradation. Lack of compliance with these protocols can result in steep fines and penalties. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories can ensure your waste handling procedures abide by federal and state standards.

Waste Management Testing

We conduct testing of samples from landfills and waste management facilities. Waste management testing not only ensures guidelines are met, but also helps owners determine best cost savings and risk reduction solutions. Our testing is extensive and includes sampling of ambient air and gas analysis. The testing examines for concentrations of toxicity and biohazard material.

Some of our services for Florida waste industries include:

  • Waste Extraction Test (WET)
  • Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP)
  • Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)

Waste Testing & Analysis Procedures

The Waste Extraction Test (WET) simulates how wastes react in an actual landfill environment using near-identical landfill leachates. TCLP is similar but uses a zero headspace extractor for sample analysis.

WET, SPLP, and TCLP can detect the presence of metals, volatiles, pesticides, herbicides, sulfides, reactive cyanide, and more. We can also determine degree of ignitability and corrosivity. Analysis can dig even deeper and analyze the breakdown of each substance. If pesticide is detected, for example, our testing can determine the makeup of the specific chemicals in the pesticide. We can match the results with our database and determine which of the chemicals are banned under EPA and state-level guidelines.

Waste Management Compliance

The EPA outlines multiple regulations for waste handling. Improper removal or disposal can pose serious hazards for land, air, and water. With the help of EPA, Congress has set guidelines on how waste and effluent are to be treated.

One such statute is Subtitle C, which establishes a federal program for handling hazardous waste material. This provision regulates the treatment, generation, and transportation of waste. In addition, Subtitle C also sets parameters by which sites can be legally designated as landfills. Waste management practices not in line with Subtitle C can subject waste companies to audits, stiff fines, and other penalties.

Subtitle C is also a part of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. This outlines all the regulations for all of the EPA’s programs. Subtitle C is the component that deals with hazardous solid waste.

Waste Environmental Testing in Florida

To determine if your waste facility is in compliance with federal regulations, submit a sample to Phoslab Environmental Laboratories. Our analysis will determine whether your facility is audit-ready and abiding by all federal and state guidelines.

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