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client resources

This is where you will find client resources offered by Phoslab Environmental Services.  Here you will find links to forms, certifications, documents and more for getting your request taken care of.  If you can not find the client resources that you are looking for, please contact us today and a professional will guide you through the process.


Request a Kit – Forms for pick up and delivery of sample kits/samples
Phoslab Environmental Services provides a kit for sample collection and analysis. Sample kits are free of charge. Request your free environmental sample kit.


NELACDownload Chain – Download the Custody Chain Form 
Regulatory agencies collect many samples and much data on potentially polluting sites, sometimes not knowing which samples, data, and reports could become part of a legal or quasi-legal proceeding.  Phoslab Environmental Services follows precise measures set forth by governing agencies for legal custody of sample and data procedures.


Certifications – Review laboratory certifications
For any laboratory, PES or otherwise, clients and customers are urged to verify the laboratory’s current certification status with the Environmental Laboratory Certification Program.