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What is TCLP Metals Test: Is it Really Necessary?

What is TCLP Metals Test?

TCLP or Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure is a chemical analysis process used to determine whether there are hazardous elements present in a waste. The test involves a simulation of leaching through a landfill and can provide a rating that can prove if the waste is dangerous to the environment or not. This rating can dictate the waste management methodology that the company adopts to dispose of the waste afterwards. Our lab provides 48-72 hour TCLP metals and TCLP volatiles testing at an extremely good price.

Why is a TCLP test Necessary?

The decision of whether to get a TCLP test performed on hazardous waste or not rests on the shoulders of the waste producers and the hazardous waste disposal companies. But why go through all of these procedures? Why not just dispose of the hazardous waste in the easiest way possible? This is what we are here to discuss; the importance of TCLP testing.

Environmental Safety

The first and foremost reason for TCLP testing is the protection of the environment. If the hazardous waste is disposed of in the usual manner, without TCLP testing, then it could present potentially dangerous ramifications for the flora and fauna present in the surrounding areas. Potentially harmful metals present in the waste could reach the water and food sources of plants, animals and humans, causing irreparable damage to the environment.


TCLP tests are important because they are the key factor in determining which disposal option is right for the waste being tested. Depending on the rating the waste receives, disposal companies will use different methodologies to determine where the waste will go next.

Governmental Regulations

All industries have to adhere to regulations set by governmental entities, to ensure that the waste they are processing is not harmful to the environment. The waste disposal regulations are set by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and non-compliance of these regulations could result in heavy fines and even closure of waste producing facilities. Therefore TCLP testing is a requirement for all industries that produce hazardous waste materials.

The information above is a clear indication of how important TCLP metals’ testing is for companies that produce waste. Phoslab Environmental Services has experienced and expert level staff members, who‘ll work to make sure that the TCLP tests performed in house are quick and accurate. So, contact us today (863 682-5897) and learn about our swift and efficient TCLP testing services