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Reasons for Getting a TCLP Test

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure or TCLP in short, is an analytical test that simulates leaching and detects the toxicity of waste materials. We provide our clients in Florida with precise and quick TCLP testing service, regardless of the industry they operate in. There are a few reasons why companies decide to get a TCLP analysis performed on their waste, and the following are the most common ones:

Federal Regulation

Companies get a TCLP test, because they are required by law. According to the RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), any company that disposes of waste materials themselves or is in the waste disposal business, must perform a TCLP test on the waste to determine if it is hazardous to our environment. This is required so toxic waste can be disposed of properly without causing any harm to anyone.

Determining the Toxicity

Aforementioned, before you dispose of any waste, you must first determine the toxicity of the waste you are disposing of. To determine the toxicity, a TCLP test is the only option that companies have. It can reveal how hazardous any waste is, by detecting the presence of certain toxic metals. After receiving the detailed test report, the proper procedure to dispose the waste can be formulated.

Protecting the Environment

Many metals that the TCLP test reveals are harmful for the flora and fauna around the disposal site. If the waste is disposed of improperly, it can cause plant and animal life to suffer; which will consequently damage the whole environment surrounding that area. This can also be extremely harmful to humans…….which brings us to our next reason.

Human Health

If you examine the list of metals a TCLP test looks for, then you will see a variety of toxic and poisonous materials. Typically, these metals will either penetrate the ground and accumulate in the soil, or they will seep through the earth’s surface into the ground water. Thus, humans are in danger of being exposed to these toxic chemicals. Being exposed to these hazardous chemicals can result in a number of different medical conditions. So, it’s the responsibility of waste management companies to get the TCLP test, before they can dispose of any type of waste.

These are the major reasons behind why companies are required to get a TCLP test for their hazardous waste. You can contact us at ((863) 682-5897) and get a 72 hour TCLP test service, without any special rush charges. We also offer other testing services for businesses and individuals; you can check them out by clicking here.