Utility Environmental Testing Laboratory

Stay compliant with state and federal guidelines

oil refineryUtilities environmental testing ensures the safety of the American public. This is why it’s at the forefront of various industries in the construction sector, including the fields of home building and underground pipe utilities installation. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories provides utility environmental monitoring to ensure that all safety regulations are fulfilled in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Why Utility Companies Need Environmental Testing

Our laboratory testing and analysis is designed to meet the ever-growing and multi-faceted environmental challenges faced by utility companies, who need to survey the land and test for contaminants before proceeding with major construction or repairs. Other industries that require utilities testing include nuclear, landfill, solar, and wind farm.

Certain areas within Florida, for example, may contain heavy traces of Pentachlorophenol. This is a wood preservative that has been detected in municipal water supplies. This is especially the case for water sources found near wooden utility poles. This harmful toxin is one of the many contaminants we test for before companies can get the green light to proceed with their industrial projects.

What We Do at Our Utilities Environmental Testing Laboratory

Phoslab performs a number of testing procedures for identifying known traces of contaminants. Common testing methods include analysis of groundwater discharge, selenium and arsenic speciation, and flue gas desulfurization. Other testing methodologies include E. coli enumeration testing in waste and ambient water. We may also test and calibrate instruments used for analyzing chlorine.

We can collect and analyze samples in lake and stream water, potable drinking water, and industrial and municipal wastewater. Our methodologies adhere to strict protocols and fall within Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Utilities environmental testing also includes air analysis. We use commercial instrumentation for detecting a number of harmful volatiles and semi-volatiles. Our methods include the latest advanced methodologies, including but not limited to: O2/CO2 measurement, TO-15 full scan, TO-15 SIM, and BTEX (for testing benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene).

Utility Environmental Monitoring

We consistently monitor the condition of water, land, and air quality in areas scheduled for redevelopment. We go beyond just analyzing water samples in our lab. We may also test sediments resting below water sources, or examine marine life, including algae and fish. A thorough assessment from a variety of sampling enables us to determine the presence of lead, pesticide residue, heavy metals, etc. This helps us gauge how certain chemicals and their quantities affect other organisms, and how that in turn may affect the general human population.

Contact Our Utilities Environmental Testing Lab

Any land to be used for construction or redevelopment may not be as safe as it appears on the surface. To know for sure, contact Phoslab Environmental Laboratories for a full range of state-of-the-art testing. We use the latest instrumentation to ensure timely and accurate results. Trust us for your next project, as we employ customizable and scalable testing to suit specific industry needs.

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