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Growing great organic tomatoes start with a soil test

tomatoesSome Like It Hot: Nutritious, Delicious Homegrown Tomatoes

Some tomato varieties can ride the heat wave with you, setting fruit even as the temperature rises. Below are some basic terms, tips, and types and a list of heat-set tomato varieties that like it hot.

Tomatoes are the most popular fruit in home gardens across America. Most gardeners agree nothing tastes better than a homegrown tomato. It’s imperative to understand common tomato terms often seen on tomato plant tags and the basics of growing tomatoes. Now through mid-July you can plant extra tomatoes for later harvests in the fall or up to frost dates if you protect them overnight or harvest them green and ripen them indoors.

Tomatoes need the right combination of soil, water and heat. Make sure and get the best out of your crops by first performing a soil test.

Original article by Robyn H. Jimenez, The Cincinnati Herald