EPA Regulations

Stay compliant with new EPA standards

epa logoThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)purposes to regulate industries that deal with sensitive practices that may potentially harm the environment. The agency is always probing industries and searching for ways to improve the relationship between the environment and pharmaceutical, agriculture, and manufacturing industries.

Phoslab Testing Laboratories endeavors to provide clients with the environmental analysis services they need to ensure that they are in accordance with new EPA regulations. The EPA is known for implementing multiple regulations on a daily basis. It isn’t uncommon for more than a thousand regulations to be passed into law every year. EPA regulations are often littered with technical and obscure language that make it difficult for industries to digest. Enlisting the help of Phoslab Testing Laboratories will ensure that your company abides by new EPA regulations.

Regulation Enforcement

The EPA will not hesitate to take criminal or civil action against industries should they violate a regulation. Each regulation is mandatory and may apply to individuals, businesses, states, cities, and other entities. In 2016 the EPA successfully completed more than 100 enforcement actions resulting in over $1 billion in settlements. Not all companies have the in-house technical capacity to comply with EPA regulations. Phoslab provides Florida companies with quick and accurate tests to ascertain whether they are adhering to regulations set forth by the EPA. A negligent company risks both civil and criminal charges that may permanently mar or render a business defunct.

EPA Drinking Water Standards

One of the EPA’s primary tasks is monitoring the health of public drinking water. As the EPA garners information regarding contaminates in public drinking water, they will in turn create regulation that limits or prohibits industries from using certain types of material or chemicals. New regulation that pertains to the maintenance of public drinking water must be adhered to in a swift and strict manner. Industries that work in close proximity to or may be in danger of contaminating public drinking water must be diligent in keeping up to dates with new EPA regulations.

Phoslab Services

Phoslab offers clients a myriad of environmental tests to ensure that companies are in line with EPA regulations. Services such as TCLP, TRPH, PAH, BTEX, metals volatiles, semi-volatiles, and pesticides are just a few of the vital tests that Phoslab can perform on Florida-based companies. These tests can be performed on a variety of matrices, such as wastewater, groundwater, soil, sludge, petroleum, and foreign materials.

EPA Testing Regulations & Competency

Not every company is equipped with the personnel to perform environmental testing. The EPA requires that companies perform tests in such a manner to ensure legitimate results. Test results are only considered valid if they are performed in a manner deemed appropriate by the EPA. Phoslab has a record of providing analytical services to environmental firms and reputable companies. Phoslab Environmental Laboratories offers professional testing that will hold up against EPA scrutiny.

Environmental Testing Regulations

Environmental testing uses the process of applied analytical chemistry to test for contaminates. Once a sample has been obtained, it will be sent to the lab to undergo various tests. Simply because contaminates are found doesn’t mean that a company needs to change their practices. The EPA allows for a certain amount of contamination to be present so long as it doesn’t surpass the EPA regulated limit. Requirements for testing procedures and analysis as well as how much contamination can be found are both set by the EPA. Should a test yield unsatisfying results, a company must make the proper alterations so that they are compliant.

The Environmental Protection Agency is a dynamic agency that continually makes adjustments so as to improve the health of the American people. To stay abreast of all the new EPA regulations, enlist the help of Phoslab Testing Laboratories. The Florida-based EPA regulation experts will ensure that your company adheres to the many regulations put forth by the EPA.