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Common Questions about TCLP Testing Procedure

BTEX testingPhoslab receives requests from clients such as manufacturing and engineering firms and agricultural businesses in need of fast, accurate toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) analysis in order to stay in compliance with regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Phoslab offers TCLP testing meeting the current EPA standards so that clients can rest assured that the analysis they receive provides reliable information as to whether the waste they generate or handle is hazardous.

These are some of the questions clients may have about the TCLP testing procedure and how Phoslab can assist clients with quick and precise TCLP analysis.

What type of TCLP testing does the EPA require?

Answer: The EPA has adopted TCLP analysis procedure known as Test Method 1311: Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, which can be found in publication SW-864. Method 1311 has been officially adopted in the Code of Federal Regulations at 40 CFR 261.24 – Toxicity characteristic. In addition to adopting Method 1311, section 261.24 also lists the maximum allowable concentrations of contaminants for the toxicity characteristic.

Phoslab Environmental works with clients to determine whether TCLP testing is the proper method of analysis for a given sample and if so, carries out the testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure accuracy.

What do government regulations require of TCLP testing?

Answer: The EPA standards for TCLP analysis determine each step in the testing process, from the sampling method to the leaching procedures employed, to the holding times, to the regulatory limits for individual compounds. The standard specifies how solid versus liquid samples must be handled, the size and materials of laboratory equipment that must be employed, and even what type of water may be used at certain steps of the extraction process.

Does the EPA standard require a duplicate sample to be TCLP tested at the same time for consistency?

Answer: No, Method 1311 does not require a second test. Some quality assurance programs, however, do call for a duplicate sample. The professionals at Phoslab will work with you to determine the procedures that satisfy both the government standards and your internal quality assurance checks.

Is TCLP testing that does not completely meet the standards of Method 1311 good enough to rely upon?

Answer: No, the parameters contained in Method 1311 depend upon the outlined procedures. If the method is not followed precisely, in some cases a finding that the waste is hazardous can be relied upon and it must be handled accordingly. However, without proper procedure, one may not rely upon a finding that the waste was not hazardous.

The professionals at Phoslab perform careful and accurate analysis in compliance with Method 1311 so that you can rely upon the results. We know the procedure required and follow it to ensure quality data.

TCLP testing in Florida

Phoslab has been serving central Florida with environmental laboratory services for more than 40 years, earning recognition from the State Department of Health and State Surgeon General. Call today to speak with one of our professionals about how we can meet your TCLP testing need.

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