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An environmental service such as Phoslab can help with your home safety

leadhomeTake time to tackle home maintenance

Keeping a healthy home for your family means more than daily chores and the occasional deep cleaning. It’s important to add routine inspections of often overlooked areas and regular maintenance to your list of tasks. “Every home can have unhealthy, harmful or even hazardous areas,” said Mike Holmes, renowned contractor on HGTV and healthy home expert. “It’s important to check them out, especially during regular maintenance. Addressing these ‘hidden hazards’ helps create a healthy home and keeps your family safe.” Holmes recommends following his checklist to ensure your home is safer and healthier for your family.

Test your home for lead. An environmental service such as Phoslab can help with this.

If your home was built before 1978, it could contain lead. Your family could be exposed to lead through the air, drinking water, contaminated soil, deteriorating paint and dust in and around the house. If you disturb any material that contains lead, tiny lead particles could become airborne at home. Talk to a professional to test the entire house, and take the necessary steps to ensure your home safety.

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