Containment Consulting Service

Phoslab Environmental Testing Services

Phoslab containment consulting service provides construction sites with guidance on how to maintain regulatory compliance for proper lubricant and petroleum storage in the State of Florida. A local remediation program is available to site owners who qualify, though overcoming regulatory hurdles can be challenging without the right guidance. The benefits can be generous, with up to $400,000 in funding, plus an additional $100,000 for additional remediation and monitoring possible.

What Threat Does Petroleum Seepage Pose?

Proper lubricant and petroleum chemical storage is necessary to maintain a healthy living environment. Petroleum-contaminated soil can leach hazardous chemicals into the groundwater supply, causing deleterious effects on human health, including damage to the liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs, as well as cancer. Children are particularly at risk of suffering ill health effects from petroleum-contaminated water. Furthermore, loose petroleum products in the environment has been known to damage ecosystems – killing fish, harming bird reproductive health, and causing carnivorous animals to die of food shortage. Proper containment is essential to preventing these adverse outcomes.

Florida Petroleum Restoration and Containment Laws

In 1983, Florida was one of the first states to pass legislation for underground and aboveground storage tank systems for petroleum. The Storage Tank Compliance division conducts more than 13,000 inspections each year, so it’s important to stay in compliance with Florida petroleum restoration laws.

The state Department of Environmental Protection adopted the Florida Petroleum Restoration Program in 1986 as a way to remediate petroleum discharge sites, provided strict requirements are met. After years of program abuse from participants, stricter oversight standards and use of approved contractors for remediation projects were passed in 1999 and 2012. Now the Florida Administrative Code requires professional assessments when storage tanks are installed, replaced, permanently sealed, or transitioned to hold non-regulated substances.

Contact Phoslab for Government-Approved Containment Consulting

If you’re wondering where to turn, look no further than Phoslab. We have been providing expertise from the very beginning, serving clients from the panhandles to Miami, Florida for more than half a century. Our lab maintains accreditation by the State of Florida Department of Health, NELAP, and the State Surgeon General.

Phoslab is among the approved laboratories certified by the Florida Department of Health to provide these assessments. We provide fast turnaround times and fair pricing to keep your construction project on track. Our full-service lab is staffed with biologists, geologists, and chemists who understand your situation and employ the most accurate technology to provide reliable results. Contact us for a free quote on our Central Florida containment consulting.