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Mangrove Removal Sarasota Bay

mangrovesLong Bar: Developers say Sarasota Bay will not be destroyed by seagrass, mangrove removal

Written by Charles Chelle

The developers of Long Bar Pointe are trying to make the case that their vision for 463-acres along the Sarasota Bay will be better for the environment.

Developers Carlos Beruff and Larry Leiberman say their team of experts, which includes former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists, are working on a written report on how they will save the bay. As they make their promises, Beruff and Lieberman have trickled out details of mitigation plans.

Details of the Long Bar Pointe proposal

Developer Carlos Beruff and land owner Larry Lieberman say their Long Bar Pointe proposal could eventually create 1,000 local jobs and responsibly promote the area. Opponents worry about effects upon Sarasota bay focusing on the dredging of sea grass and mangrove removal.

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